Every culinary endeavor here is a derivative of a famous recipe or original A.P.-s recipe and every recipe in this book is constructed, prepared & photographed by A.P. in the years 2021.-2022. on various locations.
This Catalogue called “Healthy Hedonism” came to life thanks to a few philosophical & practical practices and every dish you see in this Book is made from scratch.

1. Celebrate the diversity of our planet
2. We got to eat so eat well
3. Improve and do things exponentially
4. Everything was once impossible until someone did it
5. Enjoy life and be smart about it
6. Get to know and treat your friends well
7. Be of positive influence
8. Contemplate
9. Make a mark

Author: A.P.
The author & Chef in this Book - Andrey Papeša was born on February 4. 1976. In Zagreb Croatia.
- among other hospitality endeavors where he gathered enormous experience, A.P. was working in three different positions (Sommelier, Act. Head Sommelier, and Ass. Restaurant Manager (Head Chef d’rang)) in a couple of Specialty Restaurants (Olympic & Normandie). Restaurants that at the time had menu and service constructed, made, and signed by legendary Chef Michel Roux, also known as Michel Roux Snr., who was a French chef and restaurateur working in Britain.  Michel Roux opened the restaurant Le Gavroche, later becoming the first three (3) Michelin-starred restaurant in Britain, and The Waterside Inn, the first restaurant outside France to hold
  three (3) Michelin stars for 25 years. (Fun Fact) -Andrey P. was preparing his dishes to repeat guests in the Specialty Restaurant when they would exhaust the Restaurant’s menu,even though he never actually worked in the Restaurant kitchen.
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