Stone house made into your home. 
Every home is unique and adapted to its lot. Every home has its own entrance, parking, 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms, veranda, large open terrace, boiler room and space for outdoor amenities as pool, grill, outdoor cinema, outdoor shower, giardinos and rest of the garden. Carefully designed so it ensures more privacy for your comfort and comfort of your loved ones, friends, family and even pets you might have at present or in the future.
Home away from home 1 is the one with pool
Home away from home 1 is the one with pool
Home away from home 2
Home away from home 2
Home away from home 3
Home away from home 3
Home away from home 4
Home away from home 4
Kitchen, dining room & living room are in one space from which it has entrance to the bathroom, 3rd room in the house & boiler room under the stairs. As the whole real estate its perfectly designed to be space, design, dynamic, well productive & efficient with contemporary style that lasts. 
Kitchen & dining room
is made with white colored natural wood oak fronts that hides some apliances. We have dual fridge with freezer, dishwash, washing machine, oven & induction stove top. What is improved?...this kitchen is wider then average & top cabinets are made to the ceiling making more storage space and so you never need to clean up top. Working table board is made of polished composite material that is not only beautiful but resistant to heat, spills, knife cutting and has no inbetween spaces where dirt can be gathered. As well it has undercounter sink for the same reason, no dirt and easier cleaning. Backboard is in glass with again, no grout joints. The range hood is made in metal and is made as proffesional ones with larger intake securing much better control of air.
Dining room
Eight person round table has Chinese round "Lazy Susan" on top that gives you more comfort when reaching for food on the table. Under the table we have rope carpet so your chairs dont screech under which you have infloor integrated heating and cooling pipes.                      9500 
Living room
is is designed so seven or even eight people, if needed, lay comfortably and enjoy a movie or other kind of entertainment. Under the comfy cushins is storage. As you see there are no wires that go to the tv because we have them integrated in the wall behind the tv and leading from the wall into the cabinet under. Tv is 65" with 4k resolution where we have hidden subwoofer and speakers integrated here.       5500 
or coverred terrace with outdoor table for eight that has integrated circulating waterfall, swing, lanternas for light fixtures & aditional plant.                2900 
Master bedroom
The whole floor is seamless and made in three materials, birch under furniture, oak floor & 3cm carpet accordingly to its use. We have big floating make up or office table with double chair seater. Bed has thick and comfy matrass and has storage under it. To emphasize light we have fronts of wardrobe in mirror glass.  Roof is wooden that brings that rustic natural, warm, & comfy home feeling to ya.             8500 
 is designed so it can accomodate two to brush teeth or shower together while standing or sitting and while you use what is hidden toilet for more solo needs you have more privacy since doors are made with that in mind. On the right we have easy push to open four door cabinet that hides all things from shower water. All surfaces are under conus so the water does slide down which makes it easier to take care of. Large two side mirror is there for your convinience.  There is three bathrooms in this home, and they are essentially the same. That is 3 separate toilets or 4 double showers total as we do have one outside in the garden.    9000 
Kids room
 You think you do not need extra bed until you need it.   Kids room is designed to accomodate several people, can be two but , when your kids might want to invite a friend for a sleepover or when you have cousins or friends over   there is space ready.      8500 
3rd room
 is designed so it can accomodate a couple. It has a big wardrobe, a comoda with a mirror and a bed for two. Floor is covered with 3cm carpet.   4500 
 is designed so each room has its own space on it all while big enough to accomodate other activities. Giardinos accomodate more privacy then average and blunt terrace. Floor finish is made with 2-4mm natural stone pebbles.
Boiler room
through that door.
Parking cover
is constructed with same materials as the roof of this home minus the insulation. Unconstricting design and impecable choice of materials with integrated water and electricity outlets makes it a gem on its own. While parking is big enough to comfortably take 3 vehicles per home cover is planned to be for two. Instalation and integration of photovoltaic panels is possible. Optional is use of inovative permeable concrete for the floor where aplicable.         2 cars cover-5500     4 cars cover-9500   
Outdoor shower
is made with natural wood oak that has wide shower head integrated that again is integrated in the house itself. The mat is made out of artificial grass that under it has a drain so your garden stays neat.                                           0 
has wood storage and wood burning oven on the bottom, in the main chamber has integrated electric spitroast where fire resistant glass covers part of the opening and natural wood oak cover on top varnished against the weather influence. Above the wood cover is another chamber for drying & cold smoking the goods. Its not just another grill its a engeneering marvel. Further on the side we have attached working table with a sink.             8500 
Outdoor cinema
is made with wicker like material and during the day it doubles as your sunbathing place. Storage under the stairs and temperature conditioned pet chambers are included here. As well as HD projector and fold out screen for your viewing pleasure under the stars.
           4 500 
is made with white colored natural wood oak fronts that hides some apliances. We have dual fridge with freezer, dishwash, washing machine, oven & indu           28 500 
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