Hi, my name is Andrey Papeša

My work in construction started when I was a teenager. In my family, my father and my uncle are in construction business, so was my grandfather and with that I've been around building for most part of my life. Going with high intensity for last 25 years I employ all my capabilities and experience gathered in construction, real estate and design topped with previous skills that I have transferred from life and the hospitality industry. I am looking for buyers, partners and or investors to go ahead and build new, restore old (from grounds up) houses in Dalmatia and or elsewhere. My assets are vast experience in hospitality, human interaction, customer management, entertainment, construction, real estate, 3D design, CAD, long list of software, hardware knowledge, small office IT management, administration, problem solving , organizational skills, teamwork, property investment, DESIGN, property management and then some. Thank you and hope to see you soon.

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